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Water Storage Tanks

Water Management Services provides a range of services including water tank refurbishment and replacement, as well as cleaning and chlorination of water tank storage.

It is essential to maintain your water storage tank professionally to ensure that the water you consume is safe and clean. We at Water Management Services can conduct routine inspections of your water tank, and if necessary, provide the appropriate disinfection treatment to ensure that your water tank is free from Legionella contamination.

When you choose our services for water tank cleaning and disinfection, you can rest assured that our procedures are compliant with ACoP L8 and follow the guidelines outlined in BS 6700.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your water tank chlorination, please do not hesitate to contact our team, and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

Water Storage Tank Refurbishment & Replacement

WMS works with a number of companies within the water treatment industry. This extended structure enables the company to offer a complete turnkey service to satisfy all clients’ water service requirements, from basic remedial and plumbing works to refurbishment and replacement of large-capacity water storage tanks.

WMS holds a wide stock of parts and has the capabilities to carry out works which are critical to controlling the risks associated with Legionella and ensuring your site is compliant.

Examples of Tank Improvements:

  • Supply and fit ball valves (Keraflow, equilibrium etc) - Can be used to adjust volume in tank
  • Fit warning and overflow pipes - to discharge outside a building or in a noticeable location
  • Supply fitted lids and screens - to prevent access by dust, insects, birds, small rodents and other debris
  • Configure internal sparge pipes - to avoid linking multiple water storage tanks due to operational difficulties and also problems with unequal flow rates and possible stagnation
  • Bypassing unnecessary tanks - if water storage tanks are no longer required or storage of water is too high for peak needs and results in stagnation within the tank
  • Cold water storage tank insulation - carried out to minimise heat loss/gain

On the odd occasion a tank refurbishment may not be possible due to the internal conditions of the water storage tank,
WMS offer a complete tank replacement service using WRAS-approved GRP sectional, 1-piece & 2-piece tanks to any dimension or capacity to ensure all our clients are met with the minimal distribution.


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