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Cooling Tower Repair, Refurbishment & Maintenance

Cooling towers are a high-risk system if not properly maintained, it is vitally important to carry out regular maintenance and inspection checks to cooling towers such as checking the return temperatures, drift eliminator and pack, sampling, dip slides to check for bacterial growth within the system, due to the risk that poorly maintained cooly towers can pose this should only be carried out by experienced and competent persons, all WMS engineers are fully trained in cooling tower maintenance work and offer expert advice regarding your installation and legal requirements.

  • Full maintenance and management programmes – including weekly dipslides, legionella sampling
  • Repairs to any type of cooling tower
  • Full strip down with pre & post chlorination to ACoP L8 & BS 8558 with complimentary microbiological analysis
  • Full refurbishment and commissioning of any type of cooling tower


Useful information about Legionella and what it means for your business.

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