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Water Sampling

At Water Management Services we offer water sampling to help businesses comply with the strict L8 guidelines and controlling the risk of legionnaire’s disease within your building. If your drinking water is stored in your building then it is essential that you ensure it is safe for your staff and others to drink. This does not apply to domestic water systems as the water is safe to drink so water sampling is not required.

If you are a business storing water then the BS6700 has set out a regime to ensure regular microbiological activity is measures every 6 months so the levels can be carefully monitored. At Water Management Services we understand that as a business owner this can stressful this is why we offer our routine water sampling UK to take away the stress and help you stay compliant. Our team have many years of experience in water sampling, water treatments and Legionella prevention. We will make sure your water storage tank is correctly treated and is compliant with the L8 guidelines and controlling the risk of legionnaire’s disease within your building.

water sampling

When should water sampling be carried out?

• Systems treated with biocide where storage and distribution temperatures are outside acceptable parameters

• When control measures are not consistently achieved in a system

• If an outbreak of Legionella is suspected

• In high risk areas where water users are more susceptible to illness for example patients on a hospital ward.

water sampling uk

Water Sampling UK

The L8 Code of Practice & Guidance has been put in place to give practical advice to business owners and help them identify and manage the risk from exposure to legionella. It is important as a business owner that you are aware of the legislation to help ensure your drinking water is safe and is of the highest standards for human consumption. Our engineers are all highly trained to understand both the need for water hygiene and how to achieve it. We provide hassle free water sampling UK that is available throughout the country. We offer our services 365 days a year and can be called upon in the event of an emergency.

If you would like further information on our water sampling UK then please contact a member of water management services today. We have a large customer base throughout the UK who use us for their 6 monthly water sampling, we always provide a professional and hassle free service every time.

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