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Legionella control - monitoring and inspection programmes
Legionella control - monitoring and inspection programmes
Do I need a monitoring and inspection programme?


  • A key part of ACoP L8 is that following a Legionella risk assessment you should prepare a written monitoring plan to control the identified risks of Legionella.
  • This plan should identify the chosen control measure e.g. avoiding water temperatures between 20ºC and 45ºC and how this will be achieved.
  • This plan should then be implemented, regularly managed and monitored.
  • A detailed record of all precautions should then be kept in a dedicated site log book, critical evidence for any health and safety inspection.


"If the risk assessment shows that there is a reasonably foreseeable risk and it is reasonably practicable to prevent exposure or control the risk from exposure, the person on whom the statutory duty falls should appoint a person or persons to take a managerial responsibility and to provide supervision for the implementation of precautions"
ACoP L8, paragraph39.

What is involved in a monitoring and inspection programme?

Monitoring and inspection programmes start in the office, reviewing your current Legionella risk assessment and any other historic records relating to your water system.
A control regime is designed in full consultation with you, understanding the risks and the most optimum methods for managing these. Consideration is given to the available resources you may have in-house and responsibilities are assigned accordingly


Record Keeping

Perhaps the single most important aspect of any Legionella management programme is keeping a record of monitoring results and findings.
Each site is issued with a hard copy or electronic log book depending on your requirements. These log books contain standard documentation and site specific information which fully complies with the requirements of ACoP L8.
The key sections of this user-friendly operating and record keeping manual are:


• Lines of communication and appointed personnel

• Significant findings from the Legionella risk assessment

• Written control scheme

• Monitoring and inspection results

• Monitoring and inspection templates (when site is undertaking actions)

• Remedial and attendance logs

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