Full Water Systems Chlorination

Water chlorination to BS 8558
(Previously BS6700) – Water Systems Chlorination

Full water system chlorination is a process that has to conform to BS 8558, as well as conforming to any additional requirements your local water authority may have. At Water Management Services, our expert team have the qualifications and experience necessary to ensure your water systems chlorination meets all standards to which your building is subject.

Why you need to carry out full water systems chlorination for your building

If your building’s full water systems chlorination is not carried out, or fails to comply with BS 8558 and local requirements, you face prosecution should disease (including Legionella) break out.

You will need to carry out a full water system chlorination on a new water system in a building before it’s handed over for use, or if an existing water system has been left for a long time without any water turnover.

If your existing system has been out of use or any length of time and not had any water turnover, you will need to book both a full water system chlorination and have microbiological sampling and analysis carried out. Additionally, any heating or chilled water systems will need pre-commissioning cleaning before use.

Does your pipework require disinfection?

Full water systems chlorination services in the UK

Our City & Guilds qualified staff are all experienced in ensuring your building has safe water for people to use. As one of Staffordshire’s leading water treatment companies, we’re uniquely positioned to give you all the advice and help you need, wherever you are in the UK.

Our team are available 365 days of the year and every day of the week, and we work throughout the UK in every sector. We’re committed to bringing you the best solutions for healthy and clean drinking water.

To find out more about our full water systems chlorination and to arrange your full water system chlorination, don’t hesitate to get in touch or call 0333 355 1875.