Mains Pipe Work Chlorination

Water chlorination to BS 8558
(previously BS 6700) – Mains injection and pipe work chlorination


A mains injection, or pipe work chlorination, is the process of disinfecting and pre-commissioning new private water supplies connecting to the mains, extending to a building’s internal hot and cold domestic system. Mains pipe work chlorination ensures that domestic homes have a safe supply of potable water to showers, bath tubs and sinks, as well as providing a safe supply of drinking water.

The recognised standard for undertaking this work is BS 8558, alongside any additional standards of certain water authorities. Local water boards have the right to refuse the final connection of your water system to the mains water supply if these standards aren’t met.

When is a pipe work disinfection required?

Additionally, heating and chilled systems also have pre-commission cleaning requirements to adhere to.

Do you require pipe work disinfection services?

Pipe work disinfection is required when:

Why choose Water Management Services?

At WMS, our team of experienced water engineers have designed our services to specifically meet ACoP L8, BS 8558 and local water board specifications.
Our friendly and professional approach will ensure that you adhere to the law and remain compliant with all relevant standards.

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