Microbiological & Legionella Testing


Do I need Microbiological Sampling?


  • Domestic water systems are supplied with water fit to drink, so ACoP L8 advices that regular microbiological sampling is not required.

  • Where potable (drinking water) water is stored, BS6700 sets out a regime where 6 monthly microbiological activity is measured.

  • ACoP L8 recommends that sampling for Legionella should be carried out when:

    1. Systems treated with biocide where storage and distribution temperatures are outside acceptable parameters

    2. In systems where the control measures are not consistently achieved

    3. Where a Legionella outbreak is suspected

    4. High risk areas where the users of water systems are in a highly susceptible category e.g. hospital wards with immunologically compromised patients


What is involved during Microbiological sampling?


  • •WMS can test for over 50 different types of microbiological activity and water chemistry analysis.

  • • An engineer will visit your site, undertaking an audit of the water system to determine the appropriate number of samples to take and their locations.
    • On some occasions samples can be tested on site, but microbiological samples need to be incubated, so they are taken to our UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis